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So first thanks for visiting my site. Hopefully this free ebook I’ve written for you will make your article marketing a whole lot easier. This book is not a system as there are so many out there and also because the best system is always going to be your own. The problem with most ebooks is they give you only a slim view of a tiny part of the marketing world. Often they are incomplete and often they don’t reveal all of their best tricks (not overly surprising).


So rather than waste your time with a slimmed down system I’ve put together a list of resources for you to use in your marketing campaigns. I cover the basics of article marketing before giving you a comprehensive list of the resources you have available to you. Use this resource wisely as it will enable you to try out a lot of new things and really tweak your own system (or any other system for that matter) to suit your needs and maximise your success!


Obviously I require you to sign up to my mailing list but I promise not to inundate you with spam. I will keep you updated on new news coming out of the internet marketing world and send the occasional product your way if I find something particularly good. If you have any queries etc or in fact an addition you would like to make to the book please get in touch with me at


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